Riding School private and group lessons are offered Tuesday through Sunday with lesson groups based on the rider's age and experience level.  New riders can call Brittney at (845) 522-1665 (instructor phone) to set up an introductory lesson package. 

Folly Farm Riding School and IEA Team Programming

Folly Farm IEA Team

    Even if you don’t have your own horse, you can ride at Folly Farm through our Riding School and IEA programs. The Riding School operates year round. We have a large outdoor sand ring, as well as two indoor arenas to accommodate all levels of riders regardless of the weather.


Please remember to arrive 30 minutes early to prepare.


860-658-9943 (farm phone) 845-522-1665 (coach phone).

Folly Farm has an active IEA program for our riders. Coached by Brittney Watras, our High School and Middle School IEA teams have won numerous Zone and National Awards. Riders are expected to lesson and to participate in IEA horse shows each session. Call Coach Brittney to find out more about our IEA programming.