Cara has trained numerous local and national equitation and hunter champions and has successfully competed on the "A" show circuit up and down the East coast. Her goal as an instructor is to allow everyone to enjoy horses and to ride or to compete at any level. She helps to make individual programs for each and every horse and rider.

Susan Miller-Head of Riding School, IEA Head Coach

Sue has been an integral member of the Folly Farm Show Stables instructor staff and the Director of the Riding School since 1996. Sue has been professionally teaching students since 1983 at summer camps, private schools, a college program, and in lesson programs. While working as a riding instructor, she attended Smith College and received her MS in Exercise and Sport Studies in 1993. Over her years of instructing, Sue has taught hundreds of children and adults how to ride and to become successful horsepersons.  Sue has coached the Folly Farm IEA team to multiple National Finals and National Titles.

Cara Chapel--Head Riding Instructor

The Folly Farm Instructors